Experts in Corporate (Social) Responsibility/ Sustainability Management, Business Excellence & CSR Communication

As a consulting company, CQC advises businesses and other organisations on how to ensure that their CSR, quality management and CSR communication strategies are geared toward the future and sustainable over the long run.Our work is not limited to a specific industry but focuses on the trends and challenges of the future as well as on the growing number of risks that companies face.Responsible and sustainable business and quality are the keys to success and survival over the long run.We devote time to each of our clients, working closely with them to come up with individually tailored solutions.

You benefit from continuous improvements to your business processes, the value of your company will increase and risks will be minimised.We show you how important and efficient a responsible and long-term business strategy is and how to systematically tackle the requirements of the future and meet the expectations of your employees, clients, business partners and other important stakeholders from the spheres of politics, academia and civil society.

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Corporate (Social) Responsibility/ Sustainability Management

Corporate social responsibility aligns your business with future requirements and arms it to confront possible risks, thus creating a number of competitive advantages.

Quality management

Business Excellence

Quality management structures and strategically aligns your business. Business processes are subject to continuous improvement.


CSR Communication/ CSR Reporting

"If you do a good deed, you should tell others about it." A responsible company that produces high-quality products has license to be proud and should share this information both internally and externally.


CQC Consulting, experts in CSR, QM & Communications

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